Our Arrests / Garda Station Advice Legal Services at Philip Hannon Solicitors

If you or someone you know is suspected of a crime or is arrested it is crucial to get the best legal advice from the start. Philip Hannon’s have a great track record and will provide the expert advice and counsel which you need. Call us in an emergency or to arrange an appointment to attend the station with the person being questioned.

We have acted in the past for many different individuals including older persons, vulnerable children and adults, persons with disabilities and persons with mental health difficulties during questioning.

We have acted persons who live abroad in dealing with Garda enquiries on a voluntary basis. Statements made voluntarily or as part of an arrest can be crucial in the outcome of a Garda enquiry and in the trial process.

Rely on Philip Hannon’s for guidance if you or a loved one need legal advice on arrest, when attending a Garda Station for questioning or for a person who is contacted by Gardai and asked to make a statement.

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