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The best property solicitors in Dublin are those who get you the best deal for you, answer all your questions with ease and are available when and where you need them.

That is what you get at Phillip Hannon Solicitors. We are a Dublin 7 based law firm with over 25 years of experience serving the people of Dublin.

We are criminal and property law experts who provide each one of our clients with the best property legal advice in Ireland.

Conveyancing is the aspect of the law that deals with property. The legal transfer of property titles is important to all parties, and you must ensure you have the best property law solicitors in Dublin on your side.

Whether you are selling, purchasing taking out a mortgage or re-mortgaging a property or for disputes related to boundaries or property rights, Philip Hannon Solicitors are here to help.

But why are Philip Hannon Solicitors the best property law solicitors in Ireland?

The best property solicitors in Dublin provide:

Sound legal advice:

Whether you are purchasing or selling a property, arranging a mortgage or re-mortgage of a property or facing boundary disputes you need a property lawyer that can provide you with sound legal advice.

This is advice which will get you the best outcome, allow you to successfully negotiate difficult situations and which is based on legal best practice in Ireland.

Detailed research and analysis:

Boundary and property rights on the sale and/or purchase of land need to be properly researched by experienced lawyers.

We ensure that you are you received excellent advice and are protected so that potential issues and problems are avoided.

You do not want property disputes to arise after a sale has been finalised.

We will inform you of potential issues and the best pathway to avoid disputes and issues in the future.

Should you be involved in a legal property dispute we will be here to assist you throughout.

Negotiating experience:

Whether it is a dispute, mortgage planning or achieving the best outcome on the purchase or sale of a property, you want a property solicitor who is skilled at negotiating and dispute resolution.

This ensures you get the best deal, that emotions are removed from decision making and that you have a soundboard for issues and solutions throughout the conveyancing process.

Our team have a vast wealth of experience negotiating, resolving disputes and planning various aspects of property law in Ireland.

Let our team provide you with the best property law negotiating team in Dublin.


Even business negotiations can give rise to emotional choices.

Philip Hannon Solicitors offer impartial advice and legal assistance. This allows us to give you the advice that you both need to hear, and which will give you the best possible outcome for any situation.

Enjoy your latest property investment and new home knowing you have a team that is looking out for your best interests.

Making the right choice:

Finding the best property law solicitors in Dublin involves researching the right firm and seeing if they meet the standards, of Philip Hannon Solicitors.

You want a team you can communicate with and who have the expertise in property law that you require.

Property investing can be a major financial choice so take your time when researching and meeting with potential firms in the future.

Or take the hassle out of your choice and get in touch with Phillip Hannon Solicitors today.

Get in touch with the best Property Solicitors in Dublin:

If you are looking for the best property solicitors in Dublin, then you have come to the right place.

Get in touch with the team at Philip Hannon Solicitors so we can discuss your property law needs and how we can help you. See all our contact details here and you will be in very good hands.

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