Philip Hannon Solicitors join peers seeking a reversal of Austerity Budget cuts against the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme

Philip Hannon Solicitors were part of a group of Dublin based Solicitors and Barristers who stood out on the steps of the Criminal Courts of Justice to seek reversal of austerity budget cuts made more than 10 years ago and proper funding of the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.

We at Philip Hannon Solicitors believe that a properly funded Criminal Justice system is a crucial element of a modern democracy. We believe that a properly funded system is needed for the defence of human rights and the rule of law, which need to be nurtured and protected by Ireland especially in current times of war and uncertainty.

Philip Hannon Solicitors recently took pride in signing and promoting an Irish Lawyers petition to the European Commissioner for the Economy, Mr Paola Gentiloni, requesting that the European Commission intervene to provide interim and emergency funding… for the provision of essential professional legal services”.

The aim of the petition is to make the EU aware of continued failure by Ireland to ensure an end to the 2008 austerity cuts to pay for Irish Criminal lawyers. The petition highlights the urgent need to restore adequate funding to the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme and the importance of a functioning criminal defence service to protect human rights and the Rule of Law in Ireland.