Phillip Hannon Your Property Solicitor in Dublin

All property purchases and sales require the advice and assistance of trained and experienced property solicitors.

With the myriad of complex legal documents and potential issues that may arise it’s important to have professionals on your side who can provide advice, legal assistance, administrative help and thorough property investigations.

At Phillip Hannon property solicitors Dublin, we aid in all of these areas.

Nuala Eustace conducts the majority of our property work due to her extensive knowledge and experience in land and property law.

Nuala Eustace Conveyancing & Property Solicitor

Phillip Hannon property services include:

  • Sale and purchase of residential property
  • Mortgaging, re-mortgage and financing of residential property
  • Equity release
  • Residential letting
  • Family arrangements and property transfers
  • Co-ownership and co-habitation
  • Boundary, registration and title issues.


Property disputes often involve closely related parties. It is much better to settle such issues with the aid of legal counsel who can navigate a myriad of issues and come to a better understanding for both parties. Phillip Hannon Solicitors are here to aid in all aspects of property disputes.

Phillip Hannon Property Solicitors:

Focusing on the areas of conveyancing, criminal law and extradition Phillip Hannon solicitors have dedicated teams and staff members for each area of law that we specialise in.

This allows us to remain aware of changes to the law, and processes which may impact your position.

It allows us to assist in all areas of property law quickly and effectively.

We often work together with our counterparts in property law to quickly work through any legal issues and to speed up litigation and administrative tasks that may be of issue.

If selling a property some of our services include:

  1. Drawing up the draft contracts
  2. Negotiating on behalf of the contract
  3. Communicate with our counterparts working on the purchase
  4. Exchange finalised contracts
  5. Hand over documents to the buyer that proves ownership of the property.

If buying a property, our services may include:

  1. Transfer signed transfer deeds to the seller’s conveyancer
  2. Forward the title of deeds to your mortgage provider
  3. Swap the signed contracts with the seller’s conveyancer
  4. Request payment of the mortgage advance from your provider

It’s important to know and trust your solicitors.

Phillip Hannon Solicitors have been providing legal counsel and services to the people of Ireland for over 25 years.

While we are based in Dublin, we are happy and regularly assist with cases throughout the country, with the aid of email and online calls.

Should you need a property solicitor, or the conveyancing services get in touch today, see our Contact Us page and feel free to schedule an complimentary appointment.

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