Seeking Professional Property Law Solicitors in Dublin?

When you decide to invest in a new property you are making a big decision that can affect you, your business and your family. Whether you decide to invest in a commercial or residential property you should have experienced and qualified solicitors on your side.

You need professional property law solicitors who know and understand property law in Ireland. Solicitors who can advise and guide you throughout the selling, buying and transfer of title of any property.

With over 25 years of property law practice, Philip Hannon Solicitors are the right property law solicitors in Dublin for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are investing for private or commercial use, Philip Hannon Solicitors are on hand to help.

Our property law expertise includes:

  • The sale and purchase of residential properties
  • Mortgages
  • Equity release
  • Co-ownership and cohabitant issues
  • Investigation of title
  • Multi-unit developments
  • Apartment sales and purchases
  • House sales and purchases
  • Registration of title
  •  Boundary issues

We can advise and assist in all of these areas and much more. Our team will assist you on all matters ensuring you are getting the best property deal possible.

We ensure all transactions are managed and taken care of to the highest quality and standards.

A skilled and experience property conveyancing solicitor is essential for all aspects of the sale and purchase of a property.

A professional property law solicitor in Dublin will assist you in a variety of areas including:

·        Researching and advising on property title issues.

Our team will thoroughly research each aspect of title to your potential property. We will discover any issues or claims with the property and advise how best to remedy the situation.

Our property solicitor team can advise you about boundary disputes, identify any potential problems and ensure that you make the right choice in your purchase.

·        Arranging sales agents for your property:

With over 25 years of experience dealing in property law in Ireland, we work closely with the most skilled, connected and market savvy sales agents who can access top quality potential buyers to help to sell your property with minimum fuss and for the best price.

We can provide you with a trusted list of estate agents who can advise and assist you with the marketing and sale of your property.

·        Guidance on taxation aspects of your property transaction:

We at Philip Hannon Solicitors will inform you of taxes, charges and fees that must be paid during the sale and purchase of a property.

Phillip Hannon property solicitors will advise you about the stamp duty, local property tax and other charges which may be payable on your purchase.

·        Transparency and trust:

Large-scale investments and sales come with stress and anxiety. With our expertise and property law experience, we can ensure quality and trust throughout the process.

If you are unsure of certain legal jargon, your rights and requirements or are simply unsure of minor aspects, our team is her to help.

Philip Hannon Solicitors aims to provide sound advice and insights in a relaxed and controlled environment.

We take away the stress and provide you with the care and respect that you both need and deserve.

Feel comfortable and relaxed walking into our Dublin 7 office and we will ensure you receive the best property law solicitors in Dublin.  Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our Property Law Solicitors, click here.

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