Human Rights law in Ireland encompasses a wide range of rights which derive from the Irish Constitution and EU law as well as many international treaties which Ireland has ratified, such as the European Convention on Human Rights. At Philip Hannon Solicitors our practice is alive to the many ways that our clients need our help to access their fundamental rights. Examples of areas of Human Rights in which we have acted for clients include:

  • Historical abuse of women and children in church and state run institutions
  • Representing former inmates of Industrial Schools at a tribunal of enquiry
  • Representing clients in respect of breaches of prisoners rights to in cell sanitation
  • Judicial Review proceedings in cases of false imprisonment / arrest
  • Miscarriage of Justice cases
  • Advocacy for the rights and wellbeing of prisoners
  • Mental health advocacy
  • Healthcare advocacy
  • Children’s rights including the right to education
  • Rights of persons with disabilities
  • Gender Equality, LGBTI rights

We practice in the area of human rights law, prison law and mental health and capacity law and have taken many cases to vindicate the rights of prisoners and vulnerable persons whose human rights and constitutional rights have been infringed. We are committed to vindicating the rights of the disadvantaged and vulnerable. If you would like to speak with one of our Human Rights Solicitors, call us in confidence on 01 8733980 or send us an enquiry.

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